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The Penta-Net Ltd. offers you its complete personal and assets protection services.

The owners and employees of the Penta-Net Ltd. are experienced and highly trained experts in the field of safety services. We carry out continuous basic and special training for our employees on our own courses with the involvement of police experts having several decades of experience.

Our dynamic development is well represented by the wide range work relations established in all the fields of safety service activity and by the continuous increase of the number of our assignments.

We would like to emphasise one of our main profiles the so-called computer controlled monitoring service the main point of which is that we provide a 24 hours alarm system remote supervision ensuring a high level protection of objects, buildings, and institutes against unauthorised entry.


The operating mechanism of this actvity is the following:

The computer controlled monitoring system is located in our headquarters and receives the digital signals transmitted by the alarm systems installed in different objects.

Then the exact location and the site plan of the attact object and a map with the shortest route to reach it immediately appears on the screen of the computer.

In case of receiving an alarm signal our specially trained group equipped with arms rushes to the site to interrupt the event and try to catch the intruders.

Our System also records the opening and closing messages of the building, and in this way we are able to supply the list of the persons entering and leaving by personal codes.

(we'll warn the owner of the object if his alarm system isn't armed)

Additionally, the system is capeable of receiving different kinds of technical signals (e.g. AC problem battery and fuse problems) and providing continuous system test.

Our company possesses a special liability insurance, which in case of the fault of Penta- Net Ltd covers the burglary or any other alarming damages of the client.

Our fields of activity:

1.) Electronic, technical protection

alarm system



According to the Client's demand we carry out the design, installation, maintenance and repair of electronic protection, alarm and fire alarm system of any building.



  • During the installation of the technical systems we use the products and equipment of the leading Western companies (e.g. Paradox, DSC, C&K)
  • According to requirement , we carry out the remote supervision of, alarm systems suitable for any type of digital communication;
  • We carry out the reconstruction of systems which are not suitable for digital communicaton.
  • If required we are ready to put on 3M , Llumar and other brand of Ultra Safety and Security Film and Sun Control Window Film of any building.


2.) Protection of objects

We undertake any type of guarding and patrol type services.

  • We organise and carry out continuous or temporay guarding and protection of plant sites, constructions, office buildings, ware houses and other buildings.
  • Our employees carry out their tasks with arms, with other weapons, dogs or without arms.
  • We undertake the organisation of complete guarding and protection system.
  • We organise and carry out the safety guarding of exhibitions, political, cultural, family and sport events.

3.) Training

classroomOn our personal and assetes  guard training courses we train persons working in the field of safety services, supervision and guard services for legal, criminology, psychology, professional theoretical and practical knowledges.

  • We train them to the utilisation of  up-to-date hand-to-hand fight (kempo, karate, ju-jitsu).
  • Our students are also trained to fire protection and frist aid knowledges.


4.) Transport and protection of valuables


  • We undertake the transports and guarding of money and valuables, and the armed escorting and guarding of high value transports.
  • We guard with arms the storage and  transport of dangerous materials.

5. ) Personal protection

We carry out safe guarding and protection of client both in Hungary and abroad, the guaring and protection of his home, if necessary, by our reliable employees, experienced in martial arts, hand-to-hand fight, in use of personal protection weapons.

Our guards provided with weapons or working with dogs meet the relevant requirements.

Insurance guarantees

Our company - in cooperation with the insurance companies officially registered in Hungary has valid liability insurance referring to Hungary as specified by the legal regulations.

Penta -Net Ltd. has been carrying out various personal and assets protection services to several well-known companies, since its establishment.

Due to strict confidence requirements, please find below an uncomplete list of our clients.




Környe és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet

FCI Connectors Hungary 

Garancia Biztosító 






Megyei Illetékhivatal

Pannon Team

Kereskedelmi kamara

SCS Stahlschmidt C. S. M.





Hungarotabak Rt.



Vértes Kereskedőház

Drogerie Markt  Kft.

KEM Állategészségügyi Állomás

KEM Növényegészségügyi Állomás

 AVE Tatabánya

KEM.Munkaügyi Központ

Sooters Foto

Tobaccoland Hungária 



Abáné Barabás Orsolya

managing director

You can contact us: 0036 34 /330-880

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